Workshop on vulnerability classification for census held on 06 August 2019 at PKSF Bhaban.Mr A.Q.M. Golam Mawla, Deputy Managing Director-4, PKSF, Dr Sharif Ahmed Chowdhury, General Manager, PKSF & Advisor, PPEPP project; Dr A.K.M. Nuruzzaman, General Manager, PKSF were present among others in the workshop.

In general, vulnerable to poverty refers to individuals who lack the ability to stick to their existing economic condition and fall back due to climate change, accident or other reasons. Vulnerability is a forward-looking concept to foresee household’s well-being. There are some positive and negative factors to oversee vulnerability to poverty. Good housing condition, school-going children, involving in social activities etc. are positive factors and selling advance labor, borrowing loan from lenders etc. are negative factors. More negative factors and less positive factors determine the vulnerability to poverty.