Workshop on identification of indicators for FGD held on 06 August 2019 at PKSF Bhaban. Dr M. A. Baqui Khalily, Former Professor, Department of Finance, University of Dhaka; Mr A.Q.M. Golam Mawla, Deputy Managing Director-4, PKSF, Dr Sharif Ahmed Chowdhury, General Manager, PKSF & Advisor, PPEPP project; Dr A.K.M. Nuruzzaman, General Manager, PKSF were present among others in the workshop.

Focus Group Discussion (FGD) form is developed as a preliminary release before the detailed household survey for census. All extreme poor households in the selected union will be covered. Nobody will be excluded. FGD will be carried out identifying extreme poor participants based on a set of prioritized indicators. The participants will be selected based on perceived poverty in the chosen unions from the northwest, southwest and northeast part of the country.

There will be three principles in the FGD process. Those are (a) Participants will be selected based on Demand-side factors rather than Supply-side factors during FGD, (b) Emphasis will be put on inclusion factors rather than exclusion factors & (c) A composite index will be formulated based on the ranking of the indicators.

The participants will be selected by indicators, such as-

  • Occupation of the main earner in the household (e.g. day laborer, vendor, sharecropper, beggar, rickshaw-puller, van driver, housemaid, spawns collectors, marginal fishermen, boat laborer, blacksmith, potter, laundryman, barber, cobbler etc.)
  • Ownership of the homestead – Dwellers of the khas land / Beri badh or maximum inherited property is 10 decimal or less
  • Female headed economically vulnerable households
  • Housing condition (e.g. roof and wall made of soil / golpata / bamboo / Tin / thatched etc.
  • Households with child labor
  • Household members skip meal because of poverty
  • Single earning member households
  • Households with disabled members.
  • Household having monthly income of 7,000 BDT in the south and 6,000 in the north, labor constraint households